Introduction Listen

This e-compendium provides a brief overview of the topic: “Nursing of patients with heart disease. “It is expected that you have already completed the lesson in anatomy and physiology to review cardiovascular disorders. To accompany this resource it is particularly important to study the curriculum, other textbooks, articles and clinical skills resources to gain complementary knowledge. This study programme provides you with the opportunity to increase your understanding of the subject matter, answer study questions and to deliver evidence based nursing when working in clinical practice.

Learning outcomes
After studying this subject the student should be able to:

  • Explain the normal function of the heart and factors which are affected by these (anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pathology and pharmacology).
  • Explain important observations and nursing measures for patients with cardiovascular disorders. Observe, check and document key parameters and deviations from these parameters.
  • Assess the response of the patient to nursing interventions and the patient’s nursing needs in acute and chronic heart diseases.
  • Assist the patient to regain optimal function and prevent long term complications.
  • Documentation of observations and nursing actions.